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We’re coming up on a great time of the year to go fishing for speckled trout and redfish! Because of warmer water temperatures Captain Devin is anticipating an earlier spawn. This means that the larger female trout (cynoscion nebulosis, or spotted sea trout, not to be confused with salvelinus fontinalis) will be have an increased metabolic rate, causing them to feed more heavily during the day. In fact, it is known that all Louisiana state record speckled trout have been caught during the spawn with the exception of one. Female speckled trout also tend to live longer and grow larger than male speckled trout. Some favorite bait to use for monster speckled trout include live croakers under a slip cork, as well as many other lures. It’s important to not set the hook the first time the cork goes under, as this is when the speckled trout is merely killing the croaker. Once the cork goes under a second time, and goes under all the way, then do you set the hook. It’s better to have the hook lodged in the belly of the speckled trout rather than on the lip. Speckled trout mouths are very soft, which is why they are also referred to as a “weakfish”. It’s easy to tear the mouth of a speckled trout and you don’t want to do that, as the fish then may escape.

Redfish are another favorite of Captain Devin’s because of they are a hardier, tougher fish. Just look at a redfish, and see that it’s gill plates are thicker and it’s scales tougher. The fish is very tolerable of differing salinity levels and can even handle higher temps and lower oxygen levels. Redfish can eat a wider variety of food, to include blue crabs, thanks largely to the very powerful crusher located in the back of their throats. While redfish sometimes require patience and finesse to successfully catch, it is not uncommon to catch redfish like speckled trout, one right after the other. On various fishing charters, Captain Devin has put his clients on a slew of redfish, easily catching their limit. Techniques and tactics to catch redfish vary, but dead shrimp under a popping cork is a favorite.

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It is important to Captain Devin that Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures provides the best fishing experience for his customers when fishing for speckled trout, redfish and flounder. It is good to be the most highly rated, top notch, best fishing charter in the business. Captain Devin works hard to make Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures the best fishing charter in Hopedale, Shell Beach, Ycloskey, Alluvial City and other places like Delacroix, Reggio and Point a la Hache. Ycloskey, Hopedale, Shell Beach and Alluvial City are all in the same area, with the bridge there being named the “Ycloskey Bridge”.

New Orleans, Louisiana is known for her unique culture and of course, her most flamboyant holiday of all, Mardi Gras. But there are many secrets about New Orleans and the surrounding area that remain hidden to the tourist and passerby. Some of these secrets are the fantastic bars and clubs found in New Orleans, to include places like Pirates Alley, Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar and Fritzel’s Jazz Pub. But venture a little further outside the Crescent City, a New Orleans nickname, and you will find a whole other world filled with beauty and adventure. It doesn’t define New Orleans, but it most certainly does accentuate the spirit of New Orleans. When one takes the plunge to quest into the outlying swamps and marshes outside of New Orleans, they will find the wilderness packed with wonderful animals like dolphins, white pelicans, spoonbills and even otters! Of course, there are the redfish and speckled trout, and the fantastic fishing associated with those species. So come on down to New Orleans, and have yourself a good time! In New Orleans, you will not be disappointed! New Orleans: The Adventure You Have Been Waiting For.