cooking fish on a beach grill


Catch And Eat Fish Right On The Beach

Beach fishing is very popular along places with a lot of accessible beaches. Its kind of an amazing feeling when you need to catch fish before the rooster wakes up. Like many people, you may love the game because it gives you the most elegant ocean pieces. You’ll embrace the experience, even more, when you can catch and eat fish right on the beach. So, where do you start?

Know the beach:

After you get the idea of fishing in your head, try to find out as many things as you can about the beach you wish to fish. It’s advisable to check surf conditions beforehand and from a higher vantage point. Don’t carry your rod, bucket, smoker, and other equipment before you seek to determine how and where the waves are breaking. First, wait and try to see where the whitewash is forming.

If your beach is offering deep V-shaped gutters, rip areas, and shallow sandbanks, then it is the best place for you. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve beach fished. Even a beginner can comfortably start their beach fishing experience in such an area. In Hawaii we would often grab some of the best snorkel gear you can find quickly and then net fish for snack right on the beach. In this activity however, do not forget to keep weather and tide conditions into consideration.

Identify gutters:

Some people describe gutters as highways of fish. There is no doubt that this definition is true because the gutters are where you’ll find uncountable fish. Actually, gutters play one of the most, if not the most, important role in beach fishing.

Finding a gutter is quite an easy activity. Gutters are characterized by dark blue or green colors. Another interesting fact is that gutters run parallel to the beach and can be of any length. Gutters are usually attached with outlets, so fishes come to feed in those outlets only. The best gutters are those with a narrow outlet and a good casting distance. You can use bait spinning technique when fishing near a gutter. But when is the best time to do this?

Know when to fish:

It’s not only about the weather and surfing conditions, but tidal influences and time of the day are also other essential parameters that fall under when to fish. Many people prefer to fish in dawn and dust, although if the surf conditions and gutter formations are clear, you can fish even during the day.

Preparing for fish eating:

Fish dishes may be enjoyed in different ways. Some prefer raw fish, others smoked fish, and others deep fried. If raw fish awakens your taste buds, the good news is that you are just a step away from enjoying your delicacy. There is nothing much you need to do after you catch fish. You’ll be required to clean the fish, then remove the scales, and afterward remove the gut. Also, remove the gills and the fins. If you want to eat the fish whole, you might not find it necessary to remove the skin. Most people, however, want the skin removed if they have to consume raw fish.

If you can’t eat raw fish, you’ll only be required to make some extra effort to make your fish edible. You may want to smoke the fish, or you could wish to fry it. If you don’t want to cook the fish whole, you must be ready to cut it into fillets, cutlets, or steaks.


While fishing at the beach could be fun, eating the products of your effort could be more fun. Follow the above guidelines on fishing on the beach and eat the fish right at the beach. There is no better experience of this.