Purchasing a reel is a very important investment, get it perfect and you will enhance your fishing activity and your results, do not get it right and you will ruin the perfect balance on your rod, and it could deny you fish. What is a fishing reel?A reel is a device mounted on fishing rods to assist in winding down of a fishing line. In the recent past, fishing reels incorporate fittings that aid in casting for accuracy and distance. However, on some occasions, there are specialized fishing reels that are mounted directly to boat transoms.

Types of Fishing Reels.

1). The Bait casting reel or the revolving-spool reel which is a multiplying reel which works by storing the fishing line on a bearing supported rotating spool which when rotated produces multiple revolutions on the spool.

2). The center pin reel which runs freely on its center pin to allow for distance line casting by allowing the fishing line to be drawn off by its momentum from the cast of the rotating reel.

3). The fly reel, a single motion reel, which is usually operated by stripping a line with a hand and rod casting with the other.

4). The trolling reel is almost similar to a baitcasting reel but here you have to move the little lever so as to put it into a free spool.

5). The Trigger spin reels is a spin reel in which a reel is mounted under a standard spinning rod.

What to Consider When Choosing The Right Fishing Reel.

– Do understand your fishing drag systems: front drag or the rear drag.

– Look at the bearings, the number of bearings can determine how smooth your fishing reel is.

– Check the line lay, a flatter line lay on the spool will ensure a better casting performance on the fishing reel.

– For the same spot, casting considers line clips for a better same spot casting.

– The retrieval Ratio, which allows you calculate and tell you how fast a reel can retrieve the fishing line.

How Much Should a Good Fishing Reel Cost?

On most fishing retail stores including online retailers like Amazon.com the average purchase price of reels ranges from less than $20 to $1000s.  I just recently bought some great snorkel gear on Amazon, so I know that their outdoors selection is pretty great.  However, for specialized fishing reels like the line clips tend to cost an extra dollar than the average. The main determinants of the price may include the metals or alloys used to make it. Aluminum or Titanium the former are usually less expensive compared to the latter. A hefty price tag usually does not mean a better fishing reel. Major price increases also come depending on the drag system used by the fishing reel.


Getting a fishing reel is a long term investment that will be difference between the number of fish you catch and miss. Be it that you intend to use it for hobby fishing or sports fishing, getting the right fishing real is essential. For a perfect purchase, do not compromise quality for an easy cash save. Remember sometimes, cheap is expensive.

An interesting Fact About a Fishing Reel.

The earliest recorded evidence of the fishing reel was in a painting that was done in 1195 by artist Ma Yuan.